This is a fantastic new LOCAL website that when you regisiter and use to book travel or event tickets, will donate 80% of the fee they receive to the charity of your choice!  We are very pleased to announce that JKPA are on there to select!

Our Chairman has signed up, ďitís really easyĒ, Peter says.  ďAll the usual local travel companies are there plus much more.  You donít make the booking with GoandDonate.Com, but use their site to link to, for example, Condor!  If JKPA get some money, thatís fantastic!!Ē

Andrew Sanders of GoandDonate says, ďAll you need to do is register and set JKPA as your chosen beneficiary for any bookings via the links on our site. These bookings will cost you exactly the same as going direct to your chosen merchants site but we will receive a referral fee for any purchases made, 80% of which will be paid to Jersey Kidney Patients Association on a quarterly basis providing itís greater than £25 (otherwise it will be carried forward to the next quarter). These donations are also tax free so there is no need to have to go through the process of reclaiming any tax.Ē

So, please get the message out to your supporters, both personal and corporate bookings can be made through the links on our site in the same way as going direct to the chosen merchant so your supporters can donate to the JKPA when booking without it costing them or you a penny.

So if you are thinking of booking a trip, why not register and we get a donation for your trouble!